Platform Capabilities

At the heart of Planet Payment is our centrally-hosted transaction platform which manages the global connectivity and interaction between consumers, merchants, banks, and the payment networks. Our platform provides the flexibility to deliver solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of banks and merchants in both established and dynamic emerging markets around the world.

  • It is singular. The same platform supports all the currencies, languages and regional card products that we offer our customers. Our development personnel can respond quickly to emerging technologies, changing industry standards or evolving market nuances. Merchants operating across multiple territories can enjoy the efficiency of using their preferred point-of-sale technology to deliver consistent customer service in any region.
  • It is intelligent. Our patented technology can calculate individualized exchange rates for each transaction by acquirer, merchant, location or a number of other factors. The platform can accept multiple exchange rate sources and hold rates guaranteed for a specific time period, e.g. for e-commerce merchants where delivery of the product may take place several days after the payment transaction.
  • It is scalable. It can expand easily as we add new banks and merchants, increase transaction volumes and enter new markets.
  • It is secure. The protection of our customers’ cardholder data is our first priority. The platform is compliant with the PCI Security Standard Council’s Data Security Standards and is annually audited and certified by an independent security assessor. All data stored on our systems are encrypted and all communication to or from are encrypted using SSL or Triple DES. Our network teams proactively monitor our systems and network for any security threat. And we offer merchants the latest in transaction encryption and cardholder data tokenization services to help them minimize risk.

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